I’ve got three items that may be of interest to you!

Book 3:


I am proud to announce that today Book 3 of The Other Guys, Heroes of Last Resort: 3rd Edition has been released in e-book format on Amazon/Kindle Unlimited! Description:

Besieged by an army of bloodthirsty orcs and goblins, unlikely heroes Jack, Gooch, Topher, Geoe, and Dobby must find a way to save the city of Edinburgh and its inhabitants.

Riding high on the success of wresting a power source away from Ravanan control, the team finally arrives in Edinburgh. Instead of the expected heroes’ welcome, they are captured and thrown in prison.

To save the city, they must first win over its rulers and inhabitants, remove a decade long curse, and find a traitor. Always the underdog, Jack must rise to the occasion or risk letting the Ravanan Empire gain another foothold on the continent of Rigara. Heroes of Last Resort: 3rd Edition is book 3 in the LitRPG series The Other Guys that features leveling, detailed character systems, epic world saving quests, and much more. The story features a middle-aged main character with glorious hair; he has once been called the fat Patrick Swayze of his generation.

Book 2:


Also, coinciding with the above release, our Book 3 of The Other Guys, Advanced Heroes of Last Resort is now available in audiobook format on Audible! It was previously available as an e-book and for KU.


We promised ourselves that we wouldn’t use something so cliché as Jack is Back in the book description, but now that it is typed, we might as well own it.

Jack is Back! He is once again joined by his loyal friend Gooch and his loveable familiar Rat Damon as they attempt to save Earth from the might of the Ravanan Empire.

With the addition of two newcomers from earth, the party continues their quest to shut down power sources, make friendly with the natives, and be excellent to each other.

Book 1:


In celebration of today’s releases, Book 1 of The Other Guys, Heroes of Last Resort is available for five days for free as an e-book. This is also available as an e-book/KU as well as an audiobook.


Jack Jensen is a middle-aged nobody who lives a lackluster life in an even more uninteresting town. Having sampled every job the small town of Merrill, Wisconsin has to offer, he has excelled at nothing but growing his beer gut and his luxurious curly, chestnut brown hair. His life is one of unrealized potential and lack of direction.

Things change one morning when his brother, an Army Major, lands his helicopter in the parking lot of Jack’s less-than-profitable gaming store in a desperate bid to thrust the perennial slacker into the role of saving the country, the world, and even more unlikely, himself.

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